Mouth-watering Foods In Surrey England

Surrey is a non-metropolitan county in the South East of England. The geographical condition of the county benefits the agriculture and farming sector. As local farming and vineyards are quite significant, most tasty dishes in Surrey are made of the local products. Not only fresh, but types of delish foods in Surrey are also varied. With a multiracial population, some famous dishes in the county are derived from foreign cultures. These are some of the most scrumptious foods worth trying in Surrey.

  1. Watercress and Norbury blue cheese frittata

Though this dish is not the signature dish of the county, all of its main ingredients are locally produced in the Surrey farm. Watercress is a vegetable that grows naturally in many springs of Surrey. Meanwhile, Norbury blue cheese is a handmade cheese from Friesian cow’s milk. With organic ingredients and creamy texture, this frittata has a distinct flavor that will remind everyone of Surrey.

  1. Egg crolls

As one of the main local products, eggs have been the main ingredients for this dish. The word ‘crolls’ is the combination of a croissant and a roll. Yup, ego crolls include several dishes that involve eggs and English muffins such as egg Hemingway, egg benedict, and egg Florentine. Besides fresh and yummy, these foods are quite ubiquitous in the county.

Egg crolls
Egg crolls
  1. Guildford Manchets

This traditional food has been enjoyed since medieval times. In the early 1900s, there were more receipt versions of the food. The food is a bread roll with flaky surfaces and buttery filling. No knife is needed because people usually tear the bread. It is often served along with the tea during tea time.

  1. Maid of honor tart

Another delicious pastry from Surrey is Maid of Honor tart. The tart is made of puff pastry and cheese sweetened milk curds filling. Same with the manchets, this tart is usually enjoyed in a tea party. As old as the manchets, the tart got its name during King Henry VIII’s reign.

  1. Lobster roll

Though has no sea surrounding, seafood in this county is still well-known for its taste. Wrapped by a bread roll, the savory lobster and the green leaves are seasoned with spices. The food looks more like a sandwich. Fried potatoes chunks and Thermidor dip complete a lobster roll serving.

Lobster roll
Lobster roll
  1. Lamb /shepherd’s pie and lamb pudding

Lamb is another big commodity in Surrey. Therefore, Surrey lamb pies are made of fresh meat with certain spices. The cover can be mashed potato or a puff pastry. The difference between lamb pie and pudding lies on the serving form which lamb pudding is usually served in upside-down resembling a pudding. Not only meat, but some recipes also involves lamb offal.

  1. Chili paneer

Rich in diversity, many Indian dishes become favorite foods in Surrey. One of them is the Chili paneer. Paneer is a non-melting and soft cheese. There are several cheese producers in Surrey making chili paneer in this county fresh. Cooked with tomato, onions, peppers, and Indian spices, this food has a different taste than chili paneer from other regions.

  1. Rhubarb

Another veggie produced in Surrey is rhubarb. Some restaurants process this veggie into pleasant desserts, cakes, and jams. A famous rhubarb dessert is served with white chocolate mousse. Other rhubarb desserts include rhubarb sorbet and rhubarb jelly.