Historical Places to Visit in Surrey

Historical Places to Visit in Surrey

Surrey is actually located in Southeast England. It is located in the north by Greater London, the west by Kent and Berkshire, south by Hampshire and Sussex. The area is originally attached to the Middle Saxons kingdom or Middlesex. The name of Surrey derived from the terminology “southern area”.

The borders surprisingly have drastically altered over the years. The border used to be far from London as it was next to the river Thames right in Wandsworth. Nowadays, the line of the boundary is further to the south right under Kingston. There are about eleven administrative counties; Woking, Waverley, Surrey Heath, Runnymede, Reigate and Banstead, Guildford, Epsom and Ewell, Tandridge, Spelthorne, and also Mole Valley.

Historical Places to Visit in Surrey
Historical Places to Visit in Surrey

For your information, Surrey comes with a rich heritage that crosses a thousand years which creates an interesting yet beautiful legacy.  The ancient Surrey’s inhabitants left some noticeable traces. You can find some historical traces like St. George’s Hill, Chertsey, Horsell Common, and many others. Holmburry Hill could be the best site to enjoy such wonderful views as well as enjoying the nearby countryside.

Stane Street

Stane Street which connects London with Chichester was created by Romans as one of the most important roads in that era. The administrative center of the county lies in London upon the Thames River. Furthermore, Gatwick Airport is considered as a part of Surrey history. Archeologists found out some shred of evidence that refer to the human profession during the times of Paleolithic.

The area, moreover, seems thinly populated throughout the Saxon and Roman periods. In 666  Chertsey Abbey which belonged to Norman nobility was found. The London Bridge linked London with Southwark, made it such a vital ecclesiastical hub upon the Thames River. There was also a medieval market located in Kingston upon the river of Thames.

Historical Places to Visit in Surrey
Historical Places to Visit in Surrey

Shepherd was such a vital activity in the middle ages. By the 16th century, there was a huge growth of clothing trade at Farnham, Godalming, and also Guildford. In the west and north, the market garden also became significant. In the 19th century, the forested hills had two major purposes; timber and charcoal sources and hunting conserve (at Nonsuch Park, King Henry VIII built a gaudy hunting chalet).

Railway construction was used to facilitate product transportations in 1800. The railway was worked by some horses made it the first unrestricted railway allowed by the parliament a year later. The railway had 7 terminal stations that covered the north of Surrey.

In 1881 Goldaming was considered as the first to provide electricity both for streets and houses. It made Goldaming be the first town to provide electricity for sure even though it wasn’t the first to provide lighting for streets.

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England

For the lovers of Harry Potter movies, you will be amazed that the filming place is real. This Harry Potter movie takes a set of locations in Surrey City, England. The city of London is often visited by tourists.

Here, the tourists will be served by the shady trees. To reach Surrey city, you only need to take the train one time from central London. So, it is quite easy to travel at Surrey city.

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England
5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England

Here’s 5 Interesting Facts From The City Of Surrey, One Of The Tourist Cities In England

As one of the UK’s green towns, Surrey certainly attracts tourists. Because, the city of Surrey is surrounded by green hills, many gardens, and classic houses that fit as a place to photograph with couples, friends, and family.

In addition, the city of Surrey also keeps 5 interesting facts that you need to know. Among them are as follows:

  1. Film Box Office filming site often

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is no wonder that the city of Surrey is often used as filming location. One of them is the legendary Harry Potter film. This location Set of Harry Potter movies is in Surrey city. In addition to Harry Potter movies, Film Into the Woods starring Anna Kendrick also selected Surrey as the set of filming locations.

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England
5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England
  1. The world’s oldest city park

The city of Surrey also has the oldest green park in the world, Loseley Park. The Green park surrounding this old building has been built by the More Molyneaux family about 500 years ago. Therefore, you must visit Loseley Park when visiting England.

  1. Have the world’s largest green open space

In addition to owning the oldest city park, the city of Surrey also has the largest green open space in the world. There are 3 green open spaces, namely North Downs, Greensand Ridge, and Surrey AONB. These three green open spaces are often used as camping sites for nature lovers.

  1. Often used as a Golf and horse racing Arena

Golf and horse racing are one of the most desirable sports in the UK. In Surrey city, there is a golf course and racetrack. Every year, there are always golf tournaments and horse races that are always followed by the participants from inside and outside the country.

For that, if you have a hobby of playing golf or playing horse racing. So, you can try to participate in tournaments held annually around Virginia Lake, located on the southern side of Windsor Great Park, Runnymed.

  1. There is one of the oldest museums in the world

In Surrey city, there is one of the oldest museums in the world. The Museum was built at the request for Queen Elizabeth I lead from 1558 to 1603. This Museum located in the center of Loseley Park has many historical collections, such as paintings, furniture, and ancient tapestries. So, you should visit Loseley Park when you visit the UK.

Mouth-watering Foods In Surrey England

Mouth-watering Foods In Surrey England

Surrey is a non-metropolitan county in the South East of England. The geographical condition of the county benefits the agriculture and farming sector. As local farming and vineyards are quite significant, most tasty dishes in Surrey are made of the local products. Not only fresh, but types of delish foods in Surrey are also varied. With a multiracial population, some famous dishes in the county are derived from foreign cultures. These are some of the most scrumptious foods worth trying in Surrey.

  1. Watercress and Norbury blue cheese frittata

Though this dish is not the signature dish of the county, all of its main ingredients are locally produced in the Surrey farm. Watercress is a vegetable that grows naturally in many springs of Surrey. Meanwhile, Norbury blue cheese is a handmade cheese from Friesian cow’s milk. With organic ingredients and creamy texture, this frittata has a distinct flavor that will remind everyone of Surrey.

  1. Egg crolls

As one of the main local products, eggs have been the main ingredients for this dish. The word ‘crolls’ is the combination of a croissant and a roll. Yup, ego crolls include several dishes that involve eggs and English muffins such as egg Hemingway, egg benedict, and egg Florentine. Besides fresh and yummy, these foods are quite ubiquitous in the county.

Egg crolls
Egg crolls
  1. Guildford Manchets

This traditional food has been enjoyed since medieval times. In the early 1900s, there were more receipt versions of the food. The food is a bread roll with flaky surfaces and buttery filling. No knife is needed because people usually tear the bread. It is often served along with the tea during tea time.

  1. Maid of honor tart

Another delicious pastry from Surrey is Maid of Honor tart. The tart is made of puff pastry and cheese sweetened milk curds filling. Same with the manchets, this tart is usually enjoyed in a tea party. As old as the manchets, the tart got its name during King Henry VIII’s reign.

  1. Lobster roll

Though has no sea surrounding, seafood in this county is still well-known for its taste. Wrapped by a bread roll, the savory lobster and the green leaves are seasoned with spices. The food looks more like a sandwich. Fried potatoes chunks and Thermidor dip complete a lobster roll serving.

Lobster roll
Lobster roll
  1. Lamb /shepherd’s pie and lamb pudding

Lamb is another big commodity in Surrey. Therefore, Surrey lamb pies are made of fresh meat with certain spices. The cover can be mashed potato or a puff pastry. The difference between lamb pie and pudding lies on the serving form which lamb pudding is usually served in upside-down resembling a pudding. Not only meat, but some recipes also involves lamb offal.

  1. Chili paneer

Rich in diversity, many Indian dishes become favorite foods in Surrey. One of them is the Chili paneer. Paneer is a non-melting and soft cheese. There are several cheese producers in Surrey making chili paneer in this county fresh. Cooked with tomato, onions, peppers, and Indian spices, this food has a different taste than chili paneer from other regions.

  1. Rhubarb

Another veggie produced in Surrey is rhubarb. Some restaurants process this veggie into pleasant desserts, cakes, and jams. A famous rhubarb dessert is served with white chocolate mousse. Other rhubarb desserts include rhubarb sorbet and rhubarb jelly.

First Time Visitors Advice – Best Restaurants in England You Must Try!

How was England smell like? Welcome to the other side of the world! One of the most interesting things about travelling is that you can engage with new cultures, new society and even sometimes the oxygen smells differently especially foods! Local foods are what tourist will chase for. So what do you want to eat? Or is it the food or the nuance you are craving for? Is it too much to ask for both though?

Restaurants in England you are about to know in this article is not just serving foods but also nuance and ceme online atmosphere. Let your feet taste every ground of England and never let a chance slid to visit one of these incredible restaurants! Walk your way through the city, hit up some street foods, take as many pictures as you’d like and let this article lead you to the most memorable restaurants in England you’ll be bragging out about for your life time.

Reminder all these restaurants in England are the best for brunch and lunch. So if you are looking for dinner restaurants like probably wine bar or something to drink the night away then you probably should check out our another article that will lead you to the most sparkling night in England that you will have nothing to regret about (even after you spend some bottle with your buddies).

Have Breakfast, brunch or lunch in these stunning restaurants in England!

  • Borough Market

If you are the type of travellers that never say no to street foods you must have known that London serves a lot of local foods around town. Here is the secret, borough market is one of the most famous street food markets you can find around London. Yes you are absolutely right, once you arrived there you can see thousands of attempting street food markets but this is just a recommendation. If you ask us what’s the most lovable menu in the market then we’ll be head-to-toe for Bread Ahead vanilla doughnut.

best restaurants in england
best restaurants in england
  • Holborn Dining Room

They serve a very nice British food that a tourist like you should try. There are pie, chips and fish you can try. It was almost always full though in the restaurant but the good news is that you take them out as well. So if you haven’t had a chance to dine in here then you might want to try out their pie hatch that’s the best we can recommend.

Holborn Dining Room
Holborn Dining Room
  • Duck and Waffle

Duck and waffle serves types of modern European and British food. It is located in Heron tower. You can see a stunning view from above the Heron tower and not to think for their food taste because they actually taste so good to try. It is going to be a lot better if you can book ahead for brunch. And if you curious of what it looks like down there from the restaurant at night, nothing to worry about it’s open for 24 hour.

Duck and Waffle
Duck and Waffle
  • The Wolseley

Here where you can find a nuance of modern European and luxury lady and lord-like fantasy you have been fantasy of since months before you arrived England. It’s quite popular so if you want to have lunch or brunch here better for you to book ahead. They serve pretty well and the food they offer is worth it as your beautiful time here in England. It’s located in Mayfair, 160 Piccadilly.

The Wolseley
The Wolseley
  • Esters

This is one of that locals-must-know-this-restaurants you can visit here in London. They server many pretty nice food for brunch you can try. It’s not just vegetables you need no worry you can also try out some of their cakes and cookies. Because this café is famous among neighborhood in London, you might need to wait no longer than 10 minutes to have your seat since you can’t book ahead. Enjoy the café in Stoke Newington, 55 Kynaston Rd.

  • Pellicci

Another one is where you can taste a full English breakfast and strong tea from the neighborhood. They have excellent nuance from East End classic. Most of them speak in accent like cockney that’s one of the most often use and audible. Once you get there you can easily feel the welcoming vibes and it feels like you are part of them already. This café is located in Bethnal Green, 332 Bethnal Green Rd.


Visiting England for the first time can actually be overwhelming since it feels like you have plenty of time yet you need more to explore a little extra into London. It will never be enough but these restaurants in England are actually the best that every tourist should try. Looking for those restaurants that locals usually come to is one of the hard thing when it’s your first experience in England. So, hopefully this guide to restaurants in England can help you.

Here Are Restaurants in England That Local Comes to For Best Dinner Of Your Life!

Noble Rot

When you travel, it feels like you have a plenty of times yet you feel like you need more time when you arrange list of places you must visit and let’s admit that it’s such a sickening part. However isn’t it much better if you have a guide to what place you really should come to and which place which are actually less attractive for your travel type? Here let us lead you to the best place only.

Restaurants in England
Restaurants in England

So, as traveler you must have searched a lot about this place you want to visit, in your case England. Not only the shopping and stunning places, you must have heard a lot too about the local foods. Yes, the part we are going to focus on is the foods. However it’s not ordinary British food we are going to talk about, it’s the place where we are going to have the food that we are going to tell you.

Speaking of dinner, isn’t it beautiful to drink the night away with your buddies spending time with games and awesome view behind your back from a high tower? Or isn’t it going to be intimate to have a sparkling candle light dinner and to have a welcoming nuance kind-of-restaurants in England with your family? The place can make a food taste way differently including who you spend it with.

Wonderful dinner in these restaurants in England you absolutely will cry to not try!

  • Noble Rot

Spend your last night in London with a nice wine shot (or possibly bottles) with your mates.  Noble Rot is not just an ordinary wine bar. It deserves to be called as the best dinner time restaurant you will ever want to visit in London. It’s located in Bloomsbury, St Lamb’s Conduit st. You can spend a good quality time with your travel mates while get drunk and still love the night after you wake up the next morning.

Noble Rot
Noble Rot
  • Maggie Jone’s

Although you can still enjoy the other old school British restaurant in any other ground of London, Maggie Jone’s will never leave a bad impression on you though. For dinner, you can order an amazing roast and yes please appreciate the new dadu online games you can play every week. Another key thing to remember is that the unique nuance of candlelight. Come to Kensington in 6 Old Court Place to find out yourself.

  • The Palomar

It’s the type of restaurant where you can enjoy your dinner in the counter. The thing is, this area is the most fun when it’s evening. Their service was also a good welcoming sign. They will give you some recommendation on what to drink best and what to eat. It was an overwhelming night in The Palomar if you spend up to late at night. Plan your way to Chinatown Soho in 34 Rupert st to find happiness here.

The Palomar
The Palomar
  • St John Bar and Restaurant

If you want to come to the most popular one only here is the best one to offer. St John Bar and Restaurant serve a good cooking and nice bar. Sometimes you don’t really a fan of spending a night in the other side of the world with wine or drinking right? Everybody has a taste. Come to Clerkenwell or Farringdon in 26 St John to have a taste on the most popular dinner restaurant in London.

  • Padella

They serve Italian food actually. You can get pasta for 5-6 euro and don’t underestimate the taste cause they are similar to any other pastas in London. Probably you have to line up to get dinner here but trust me it’s worth it for the taste, price and overall experience. Walk your way to London Bride in 6 Southwark st and order yourself a pappardelle with slow-cooked meat for the best dinner.

  • Barrafina

Here is where you will question some random things in your life just like when you just had your dinner here in Barrafina and then you wonder how a simple menu can actually impress you even until you get home and then you miss your little trip all over again. Barrafina is where people can give their time to line up to have their best dinner menu in the town. Write in your note to visit Covent Garden 43 Druly Ln later.


Some cities are sparkling and providing a great nuance in the evening until late at night. If you are the type of traveller who always wonder how will the view and the nuance feel like if it were night when you get there then these restaurants in England are the must visit for the first timer kind of traveler like you. Don’t waste your time trying to get the best Harry Potter café when you can claim the best night here.

Top 10 restaurants in England; The Dream Places for A Fancy Dining 

Top 10 Restaurants in England

What crosses your mind when you see the picture of the London Eye? Top 10 restaurants in England will summarize the impressions in a delicious way. Most people will feel the romance and royal ambiance as they see the views of London and playing kiu kiu online. England is that charming for people who admire the royal life and European beauty.

England is the dream country for a trip. The city tour is always enchanted. Shoppers will fall in love with the branded stores and luxurious restaurants of the city. Meanwhile, people can also visit the countryside and enjoy how the vintage European villages look. But the best way to enjoy the England tour is to go to the best restaurants in England.

Top 10 restaurants in England

We can easily get the best restaurants since the list has been revealed in Waitrose’s Good Food Guide. When it comes to restaurants in European countries especially popular tourist destinations such as England, the standard is unquestionable. There are many rules to pass in order to get included on the list. Here are the restaurants with the perfect 10 score.

  1. Port Isaac Seafood Restaurant

Port Isaac Seafood Restaurant
Port Isaac Seafood Restaurant

The seafood restaurant was a first-rate seafood place with ultimate quality. The menus are special while the chefs have international awards. The judges also praised the restaurant with the stars. The place has the ingenious taste through simplicity. It is a must visit restaurant in England.

  1. Peninsula Restaurant

This one of the best restaurant in London. If you are going to London city tour, you should never miss this place. The service is professional and there is something amazing about the foods. The plating and presentations are special while the taste is uniquely tasty.

From Peninsula Restaurant

The restaurant received awards from the high-quality delicacies on the menus. The ingredients are premium so the guests will be able to get the best experience of dining at the restaurant. The guests can explore the rich cuisines of modern European. While enjoying the serene atmosphere at the place, people can select the wine from the list.

The dramatic view of the River Thames will make the experience just flawless. The private dining suite seating for 24 guests is available. Therefore, visitors can enjoy a dining for a birthday party or other purposes at the restaurant.

The Fat Duck
The Fat Duck

Here are other 7 restaurants out of Top 10 restaurants in England:

  1. Casamia, Bristol
  2. Pollen Street Social, Central London
  3. The Fat Duck, Berkshire
  4. Moor Hall, Lancashire
  5. Restaurant Andrew Fairlie, Perthshire & Kinross
  6. Adam Reid at The French, Greater Manchester
  7. Bohemia, Jersey

The White Horse, a Romantic Classic Pub in Surrey

The White Horse

Are you planning to have a romantic dinner for two? If you happen to be in Surrey, you are lucky that this city offers several romantic spots for dining out. From the formal fine dining to the much more fancy dining style, there are some choices available to select.

However, if you are calling for the one that offers such a classic and elegant setting, The White Horse can be on your top list. Styled as 16th century pub, The White Horse becomes a nice pub in the Surrey Hills to experience https://hokiku88.org/ also such intimate and romantic dining.

About The White Horse

Despite the classic style, this restaurant is not really old since it is completely refurbished and opened for public in the middle of 2016. This pub comes with a great garden that provides such relaxing and warm environment to enjoy various dishes offered by the Head Chef, Valentino Gentile along with his team.

The Dining Room of The White Horse is open every day especially at the lunch times. At this time, the pub will serve a collection of seasonal daily specials and pub menu. Then, between Wednesday and Saturday evenings, a la carte collection of appealing and seasonal dishes is offered.

The pub offers menu that is changed in regular basis to make sure that their produce maintains freshness, diversity and quality which can meet all tastes. For your information, The White Horse also offers Tasting menu for a distinct experience.

When to Come to The White Horse

There are some points that you need to remember when it comes to the opening time of this pub. If you want to have your romantic dinner in this pub, it means that you should go through Wednesday to Saturday.

The White Horse pub
The White Horse pub

For dinner, it opens at 18.00 until 21.30 for the last order. So, make sure that you come here before the last order time. But, it is possible for you to do same day booking if you are afraid that the best spot for your romantic dinner isn’t available.

What Customers Say about The White Horse

Then, what other say about this pub? It’s a great thing that The White Horse actually gets such excellent rating for its customer satisfaction. It comes with so many happy customers that love to come back again for another great dining experience.

The staff is friendly and also knowledgeable on the menu as well as the wine list. More importantly, the meals served here are just fantastic. Whether you go for Braised Shoulder Boulangere, Cherry Tomato Coulis or any other menu, you will find that all the dishes served on your table are delicious and flavorful.

The White Horse pub
The White Horse pub

Final Thoughts

In brief, The White Horse is one of the best choices available out there for you who are looking for a romantic place to spend your night with the loved one. You can have a nice dinner for two with your lover and get such memorable moments together enjoying tasty foods in a classic and elegant setting. So, what are you waiting for?

Quick Pubs Review: Best Winter Pubs to Go in Surrey

The Bell, Outwood

From that classic, classy pub with that ancient fireplaces and stuffs to that modern-look pub with colorful lighting on, Surrey is blessed with a few truly tempting best winter pubs for your relaxing couple of drinks or cozy winter lunch.

Top 5 Best Winter Pubs to Go in Surrey

If you need some recommendations for your next leisure time in Surrey, here are the top five best pubs to go in Surrey.

  1. Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Just some minutes from A25 main vein, this pub is located in unspoiled part of Surrey that’s somehow preserves a notable seclusion air regardless being so well bonded. It is situated in a beautiful country lane that makes this country pub looks so damn beautiful from outside.

There is no doubt that Abinger Hatch is not only a great place to drink and get relaxed play game at https://dadupokerqq.com/. This charming free house is also worth checking for its beautiful appearance.

Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common
Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

2. The Albion, Kingston

With five real ciders, ten authentic ales and twenty keg beers at the back of the bar, The Albion is no doubt a great shelter for every beer lover. Moreover, this pub happens to possess its own brewery as well the one which is better than Big Smoke Brewery.

It’s not to mention the tasty Sunday Roasts which become its legendary signatures. This signature will be perfect to warm up after a blustery and cold winter sightseeing along the Thames. By the way, the pub is located at 45 Fairfield Road, Kingston.

  1. The Bell, Outwood

Outwood is famous for its windmill (which is known as the oldest Britain’s working post mill). But, you shouldn’t miss the three best pubs in this area when visiting by. One of the pubs here is The Bell which comes in 17th– century style.

This cozy little pub is actually surrounded by magnificent Nation Trust countryside. It makes The Bell perfect to visit after a winter leisurely walk.

  1. The Brickmakers, Windlesham

The Brickmakers is exactly the place that you can look forward for its classy surroundings. You can find this pub in the mid of Windlesham, Chobham and Wentworth. It is safe to say that this pub take their offerings very seriously.

On the menu list, you will be able to discover traditional British dishes like chips and fish, cooked pork belly which is served with colcannon mash and slow braised lamb’s shoulder served with winter vegetable.

The Brickmakers, Windlesham
The Brickmakers, Windlesham
  1. The Cock Inn, Headley

The Cock Inn now transforms into a completely different face. Now, it comes as a pleasantly decorated country pub that offers appetizing food and beverage options. Moreover, you can also find the fantastic 4-mile Headley Health walk from its entrance to boost your appetite. For your information, this pub is located in Church Lane, Headley.

Final Thoughts

Those are the reviews of five best winter pubs in Surrey. Whether you are Surrey folk or a visitor who wants to grab some drinks and meals in Surrey’s winter pubs, you can consider visiting one of those pubs above. Have fun!

West Village Café: A Sweet Café in Surrey that You Have to Go to

West Village Café

There is always something so magical when it comes to coffee shop. Just imagine the dark roast espresso scent that is bathing the air, the blurry sound of background talks and don’t forget that sound of keyboards typing away.

And we shouldn’t miss that cozier and sweet atmosphere which make you want to stay in the coffee shops a little longer and browsing https://funbet88.net/. But the problem is, when there are so many adorable coffee shops available in Gastown and Mount Pleasant, there is a city that is kind of left in the dark.

If you are a Surrey folk, you may find that your sweet coffee shop choices are just terrible. But wait a minute, it seems like your dark era has been now depleted! Cue in the recently opened West Village Café which is located in South Surrey. Finally, your super sweet spot to go for a date or to catch up with your sweet heart is already there!

The Menu is staked!

In addition to their signature ‘West Village Roasters’ coffee, there are various menus that will make you love this café even more. You can find that delicious freshly made smoothies, avo toasts, brekkie bowls or even that local brews and wines.

That’s why it is no doubt that the spot is a great one to spend your breakfast time and then to camp till afternoon tea with your friends.

West Village Café
West Village Café

The Interior is so Instagrammable

Not to mention that nowadays an Instagrammable café is such a blessing. West Village Café is designed beautifully to bring a bright space look that is good to be photographed. It comes with plenty of natural lighting that is beaming in, made it a perfect spot to take a foodie shot.

Moreover, the coffee art is just supreme. The decoration is also super green and super modern too! Overall, the interior will make a great photo in your Instagram.

West Village Café
West Village Café

Super friendly staffs wait for you!

This is another essential thing that we should never forget. West Village Café also has super friendly staff that will help you to get the most of your time here. The table service is just great and you can have various menus too.

They also offer plenty of vegan-friendly choices for those who practice the lifestyle or simply search for them. The vegetarian-friendly options include Baked Falafel Wrap and Tumeric Cous Cous and Grapefruit.

The Location is easy-to-find

Then, the location of this café is also super easy for you to stop. The café is located at 160-5620 152 Street in South Surrey. It opens daily from 8am until 8pm. So, you can catch up with the café for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Final words

Then, what are you waiting for? Overall West Village Café is for sure an adorable café in Surrey for you who need an alternative for an Instagrammable spot to hang out with your friends or for a study date. So, call your friend or grab your laptop and go to the West Village Café right away!

A Vegan? Here Are Top Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Surrey


A vegan may sometimes feel humiliated by the fact that it is very difficult to find a vegan-friendly restaurant around. However, if you are in Surrey and need a place that is friendly for a vegetarian, you must be lucky. This is because such Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants offering vegetarian meals in Surrey seems to be increasing by the week.

There are some of the best restaurants and cafes that are recommended for a vegetarian in Surrey. So, let’s check the quick reviews of these several restaurants below!

#1 Beano, Guildford

Even though this restaurant is getting more popular nowadays, The Beano restaurant remains to be a hidden treasure even for those who are living and working in Guildford, Surrey. This restaurant only opens for lunch at the Guildford Institute. The menus that are offered here will be a heaven-like for every vegetarian.


#2 Bronte’s Café, Cobham

You may have ever seen the popular Bronte’s Breakfast Bowl floating around in your Instagram. Regardless the Instagram sensation, Bronte’s Café actually offers a highly healthy way to begin your day with a bowl full of fresh berries, coconut yogurt, honey and gluten-free granola.

It is delicious and more importantly healthy. You can also find a variety of artisan organic coffees here. It’s no doubt that this cafe can be a heaven for a vegetarian too!

Bronte’s Café, Cobham
Bronte’s Café, Cobham

#3 Crazy Bean, Great Bookham

This is another great place for a vegan! Crazy Bean is a kind of fully vegan café that is run by a classically skilled head chef. The café explores classic flavor by using vegan ingredients. One of the signature dishes that are offered by this café is ‘sausage’ wellington (which is made of beans).

The Crazy Bean’s foodie appeals are not limited to those who have decided to live the lifestyle of vegan. It can be an interesting place to find a healthy meal choice too. For your information, all their veggies deliver from Layton’s greengrocer in Bookham.

Crazy Bean, Great Bookham
Crazy Bean, Great Bookham

#4 The Juice Smith, Cobham

The Juice Smith is just another Instagram sensation. You may wonder whether it is just a Cobham thing or perhaps it is just a healthy eating pride that makes it a sensation. Originally, this is a result of research into cleansing and juicing.

For you who are seeking for a place to get matcha latte, acai bowl or a chai spiced pudding served with beery compote that open all day, then The Juice Smith can be the right one to be spotted.

The Juice Smith, Cobham
The Juice Smith, Cobham

#5 Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston

Just how it is called, the Riverside Vegetaria serves vegetarian offering. Founded in 1989, this restaurant is built in a magnificent riverside location. It is good to know that the restaurant also practice the community policy of “eat local, buy local and be local”.

That’s all the five best vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes that you shouldn’t miss in Surrey. Now, you don’t need to find it difficult to locate a great vegetarian restaurant in this city. Just check out this list and visit the location on your next eating out!

Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston
Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston