Polesden Lacey, a Popular Surrey’s Historic House that Is worth Checking For

Polesden Lacey

Are you planning to visit Surrey for a day or two? Well, you must be lucky since this city offers a selection of truly adorable attractions to visit. One of the most fantastic attractions that you shouldn’t miss is the Polesden Lacey National Trust, a historic house located in Dorking, Surrey.

About Polesden Lacey in Brief

It is no doubt that Polesden Lacey is one of the most famous of the property of National Trust in Surrey. Coming here, you will be able to explore such wonderful weekend retreat hidden in the Surrey Hills.

Polesden Lacey
Polesden Lacey

This Edwardian Mansion offer extensive collection of ceramics, furniture and art. It also provides modern amenities which are available for the guests. It is possible for you to take a guided trip in the morning or simply explore the mansion by your own.

One of the things that make it a good place for you to check is that it is free for you to enter the mansion. With the free ticket, you have all those possibilities to check various wonderful things that are provided by the mansion.

Moreover, the mansion also offers you such formal garden that offers something in season. Depending on the season you come, you can see snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils in the spring. Then, when you come here in the summer, it is possible for you to see colorful rose garden as well as double herbaceous borders.

If you walk around to the lower garden, it is possible for you to enjoy the beauty of Polesden’s autumn color that will bless your eyes. If you want to take an adventure to the wildlife-rich area in this location, you can simply take one of the 4 way-marked walks.

What Other Say about Polesden Lacey

As you can expect from a location that is very popular in the city, Polesden Lacey gets such a great reviews from the guests. Many consider this location as the best National Trust they have ever visited. There is no doubt that it will be a good place for a day out.

Many guests come here for the house tour. This is because the tour will take you back to the Edwardian times which are worth checking for. You can also learn about Mrs. Grenville history during the house tour.

Polesden Lacey
Polesden Lacey

In addition to the house tour, the garden tour also becomes a nice highlight by the guests. It is an interesting tour which can make your day more alive exploring all the things around the Polesden Lacey.

If you love to take your picture during traveling, there is no doubt that you will come back home with plenty gorgeous pictures with the stunning building and its beautiful surroundings as the background. So, what are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Polesden Lacey is another interesting location to visit when you are in Surrey. It offers a stunning building with Edwardian styles that will create such amazing experiences you can ever feel in life. So, grab your stuffs and visit this place!