The White Horse, a Romantic Classic Pub in Surrey

Are you planning to have a romantic dinner for two? If you happen to be in Surrey, you are lucky that this city offers several romantic spots for dining out. From the formal fine dining to the much more fancy dining style, there are some choices available to select.

However, if you are calling for the one that offers such a classic and elegant setting, The White Horse can be on your top list. Styled as 16th century pub, The White Horse becomes a nice pub in the Surrey Hills to experience also such intimate and romantic dining.

About The White Horse

Despite the classic style, this restaurant is not really old since it is completely refurbished and opened for public in the middle of 2016. This pub comes with a great garden that provides such relaxing and warm environment to enjoy various dishes offered by the Head Chef, Valentino Gentile along with his team.

The Dining Room of The White Horse is open every day especially at the lunch times. At this time, the pub will serve a collection of seasonal daily specials and pub menu. Then, between Wednesday and Saturday evenings, a la carte collection of appealing and seasonal dishes is offered.

The pub offers menu that is changed in regular basis to make sure that their produce maintains freshness, diversity and quality which can meet all tastes. For your information, The White Horse also offers Tasting menu for a distinct experience.

When to Come to The White Horse

There are some points that you need to remember when it comes to the opening time of this pub. If you want to have your romantic dinner in this pub, it means that you should go through Wednesday to Saturday.

The White Horse pub
The White Horse pub

For dinner, it opens at 18.00 until 21.30 for the last order. So, make sure that you come here before the last order time. But, it is possible for you to do same day booking if you are afraid that the best spot for your romantic dinner isn’t available.

What Customers Say about The White Horse

Then, what other say about this pub? It’s a great thing that The White Horse actually gets such excellent rating for its customer satisfaction. It comes with so many happy customers that love to come back again for another great dining experience.

The staff is friendly and also knowledgeable on the menu as well as the wine list. More importantly, the meals served here are just fantastic. Whether you go for Braised Shoulder Boulangere, Cherry Tomato Coulis or any other menu, you will find that all the dishes served on your table are delicious and flavorful.

The White Horse pub
The White Horse pub

Final Thoughts

In brief, The White Horse is one of the best choices available out there for you who are looking for a romantic place to spend your night with the loved one. You can have a nice dinner for two with your lover and get such memorable moments together enjoying tasty foods in a classic and elegant setting. So, what are you waiting for?