Vacation in Surrey England

Vacation in Surrey England

There are a lot of rarely unexplored regions in England that most people don’t know. One of them is Surrey. This leafiest county will blow your mind away with its tranquility and picturesque footpaths. Whether you are the resident or tourists, here are some recommended places to visit and great activities to do in your vacation in Surrey.

Vacation in Surrey England
Vacation in Surrey England
  1. Fun family activities

If you visit Surrey with your family, make sure you check these places out for an entertaining day out. The first place is the Brooklands Museum. There are a lot of motorsport and flight models from the old to present times. You can learn the history of them together with your children or siblings.

The second destination is the beautiful Hampton Court Place to feel the life of the royal family. The third recommended place is the Bocketts Farm to introduce the animal farms to your little ones. If you want to see the biggest vineyard throughout England, you should stop by the Denbies Wine Estate. The gardens are magnificent too!

Vacation in Surrey England
Vacation in Surrey England
  1. Inspirational Place

The next recommended tourist destination is the Surrey’s Art Galleries and Museums. For those who adore art, this is the best place. There are many inspirational collections of paintings from different painter. Spend hours here to find great stories behind each painting. This place is not only vibrant, but also artsy with its culture arts and scenes.

  1. Entertaining show

If you want to witness some greatest performance in England, you should visit the Surrey’s theatres. You can watch the best West End show like the opera and comedy. There are also amusement venues where you can have fun with your loved ones.

Check the schedule of special events on the official website of Surrey. There are food festivals, outdoor theater performance, literacy festivals, and other entertaining events await you!

  1. Renowned countryside

If you are looking for more natural sites, these types of places are cherry on top. You can relax and stroll the vibrant county of Surrey. This beautiful small town has long footpaths to explore. It is good for those who enjoy walking.

For a cyclist, don’t miss the Box Hill. The road there is like the heaven for cyclists around the world. No wonder it was the place where the 2012 Olympic Cycle held.

Do you want to see the view from above? Visit the Skywalk Adventure or Wild Wood Adventure. Meanwhile, the Guildfor Spectrum is the best place to play bowling and ice skate with your friends. Different from the previous judi bola sports, Topgolf is where you can experience the best golf lessons in the Great Britain. Show what you’ve got and challenge your mates to score.

  1. Tasty food and drink

Culinary is one of the best parts in traveling. Surrey has truly tasty food and drink in the best restaurants, cafes, and bars. Spare your time to try different places from the classic pubs to fine dining restaurant.

Don’t forget to check out the award-winning microbrewery or winery in Surrey. Have a taste for its tipple too!

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England

For the lovers of Harry Potter movies, you will be amazed that the filming place is real. This Harry Potter movie takes a set of locations in Surrey City, England. The city of London is often visited by tourists.

Here, the tourists will be served by the shady trees. To reach Surrey city, you only need to take the train one time from central London. So, it is quite easy to travel at Surrey city.

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England
5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England

Here’s 5 Interesting Facts From The City Of Surrey, One Of The Tourist Cities In England

As one of the UK’s green towns, Surrey certainly attracts tourists. Because, the city of Surrey is surrounded by green hills, many gardens, and classic houses that fit as a place to photograph with couples, friends, and family.

In addition, the city of Surrey also keeps 5 interesting facts that you need to know. Among them are as follows:

  1. Film Box Office filming site often

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is no wonder that the city of Surrey is often used as filming location. One of them is the legendary Harry Potter film. This location Set of Harry Potter movies is in Surrey city. In addition to Harry Potter movies, Film Into the Woods starring Anna Kendrick also selected Surrey as the set of filming locations.

5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England
5 Interesting Facts From Surrey Town in England
  1. The world’s oldest city park

The city of Surrey also has the oldest green park in the world, Loseley Park. The Green park surrounding this old building has been built by the More Molyneaux family about 500 years ago. Therefore, you must visit Loseley Park when visiting England.

  1. Have the world’s largest green open space

In addition to owning the oldest city park, the city of Surrey also has the largest green open space in the world. There are 3 green open spaces, namely North Downs, Greensand Ridge, and Surrey AONB. These three green open spaces are often used as camping sites for nature lovers.

  1. Often used as a Golf and horse racing Arena

Golf and horse racing are one of the most desirable sports in the UK. In Surrey city, there is a golf course and racetrack. Every year, there are always golf tournaments and horse races that are always followed by the participants from inside and outside the country.

For that, if you have a hobby of playing golf or playing horse racing. So, you can try to participate in tournaments held annually around Virginia Lake, located on the southern side of Windsor Great Park, Runnymed.

  1. There is one of the oldest museums in the world

In Surrey city, there is one of the oldest museums in the world. The Museum was built at the request for Queen Elizabeth I lead from 1558 to 1603. This Museum located in the center of Loseley Park has many historical collections, such as paintings, furniture, and ancient tapestries. So, you should visit Loseley Park when you visit the UK.