Café Rouge, a Family-friendly Restaurant in Surrey that You Shouldn’t Miss

Whether you are searching for a child-friendly restaurant during the weekday treat or a school holiday, it is practically not always easy. Your kids may make a mess and noise and find a restaurant that won’t frown for you about that will be very comforting.

Whether you are seeking for a friendly setting, somewhere for your kids to play, healthy foods and beverages to eat, or somewhere that is able to warm up your baby meals, we have one of the most recommended that you can take into account. So, let’s check this out!

Café Rouge: a Family-friendly Restaurant that You Can Count On

Yeah, it is Café Rouge, one of the restaurants in Surrey that is family-friendly. Arriving to the table of this restaurant, you will be able to see stickers, coloring pad and crayons. Then, it is possible for you to leave the restaurant with a cute balloon in hand.

Café Rouge
Café Rouge

Just imagining this good side of Café Rouge will put a smile on your face, won’t you? Then, there is no doubt that it will put a big smile on your kids’ face too. This café actually launched their child’s menu recently and nowadays they welcome all young guests to dine here any time of the day.

One of the things that make it interesting is that you only need for about £7 per kid and you will get a starter of warm vegetable sticks and bread. Moreover, you will be able to get main course that includes healthy choices, a dessert as well as a beverage.

How to Reach This Family-friendly Restaurant

The restaurant is located in an ideal location that is very easy to reach for both Surrey folks and visitors. Situated at Town Square, Woking, GU21 6GA, the Café Rouge can be reached on foot for seven minutes only from the Woking train station.

The location is also near to the Ambassadors Cinema, New Victoria Theatre and Peacocks Shopping Centre. That’s why it is also a perfect spot enjoying games at also to catch up with family and friends or to refuel your body after a day out. The restaurant is open generally from 09.00 in the morning to 10 in the evening, so you can visit this restaurant for brunch, lunch or dinner.

What Other Say about Café Rouge

It is a good thing that Café Rouge also gets such a great rate in various sites. It is generally praised for its friendly place, fast service and amazing foods. More importantly, it is also well-known as a restaurant that offers such affordable French cuisine in a beautiful setting.

Café Rouge
Café Rouge

While your kids can happily have such great meals, you can also have so many options of delicious meals. It is also possible for you to get lighter dishes when you don’t have so much time to spare for meals.

Final Words

In sum, Café Rouge is a good choice for you who are seeking for a Surrey’s family-friendly restaurant that you can enjoy with your kids. Now, you can check the restaurant by yourself and enjoy all the good meals there!