Quick Pubs Review: Best Winter Pubs to Go in Surrey

The Bell, Outwood

From that classic, classy pub with that ancient fireplaces and stuffs to that modern-look pub with colorful lighting on, Surrey is blessed with a few truly tempting best winter pubs for your relaxing couple of drinks or cozy winter lunch.

Top 5 Best Winter Pubs to Go in Surrey

If you need some recommendations for your next leisure time in Surrey, here are the top five best pubs to go in Surrey.

  1. Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Just some minutes from A25 main vein, this pub is located in unspoiled part of Surrey that’s somehow preserves a notable seclusion air regardless being so well bonded. It is situated in a beautiful country lane that makes this country pub looks so damn beautiful from outside.

There is no doubt that Abinger Hatch is not only a great place to drink and get relaxed play game at https://dadupokerqq.com/. This charming free house is also worth checking for its beautiful appearance.

Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common
Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

2. The Albion, Kingston

With five real ciders, ten authentic ales and twenty keg beers at the back of the bar, The Albion is no doubt a great shelter for every beer lover. Moreover, this pub happens to possess its own brewery as well the one which is better than Big Smoke Brewery.

It’s not to mention the tasty Sunday Roasts which become its legendary signatures. This signature will be perfect to warm up after a blustery and cold winter sightseeing along the Thames. By the way, the pub is located at 45 Fairfield Road, Kingston.

  1. The Bell, Outwood

Outwood is famous for its windmill (which is known as the oldest Britain’s working post mill). But, you shouldn’t miss the three best pubs in this area when visiting by. One of the pubs here is The Bell which comes in 17th– century style.

This cozy little pub is actually surrounded by magnificent Nation Trust countryside. It makes The Bell perfect to visit after a winter leisurely walk.

  1. The Brickmakers, Windlesham

The Brickmakers is exactly the place that you can look forward for its classy surroundings. You can find this pub in the mid of Windlesham, Chobham and Wentworth. It is safe to say that this pub take their offerings very seriously.

On the menu list, you will be able to discover traditional British dishes like chips and fish, cooked pork belly which is served with colcannon mash and slow braised lamb’s shoulder served with winter vegetable.

The Brickmakers, Windlesham
The Brickmakers, Windlesham
  1. The Cock Inn, Headley

The Cock Inn now transforms into a completely different face. Now, it comes as a pleasantly decorated country pub that offers appetizing food and beverage options. Moreover, you can also find the fantastic 4-mile Headley Health walk from its entrance to boost your appetite. For your information, this pub is located in Church Lane, Headley.

Final Thoughts

Those are the reviews of five best winter pubs in Surrey. Whether you are Surrey folk or a visitor who wants to grab some drinks and meals in Surrey’s winter pubs, you can consider visiting one of those pubs above. Have fun!

West Village Café: A Sweet Café in Surrey that You Have to Go to

West Village Café

There is always something so magical when it comes to coffee shop. Just imagine the dark roast espresso scent that is bathing the air, the blurry sound of background talks and don’t forget that sound of keyboards typing away.

And we shouldn’t miss that cozier and sweet atmosphere which make you want to stay in the coffee shops a little longer and browsing https://funbet88.net/. But the problem is, when there are so many adorable coffee shops available in Gastown and Mount Pleasant, there is a city that is kind of left in the dark.

If you are a Surrey folk, you may find that your sweet coffee shop choices are just terrible. But wait a minute, it seems like your dark era has been now depleted! Cue in the recently opened West Village Café which is located in South Surrey. Finally, your super sweet spot to go for a date or to catch up with your sweet heart is already there!

The Menu is staked!

In addition to their signature ‘West Village Roasters’ coffee, there are various menus that will make you love this café even more. You can find that delicious freshly made smoothies, avo toasts, brekkie bowls or even that local brews and wines.

That’s why it is no doubt that the spot is a great one to spend your breakfast time and then to camp till afternoon tea with your friends.

West Village Café
West Village Café

The Interior is so Instagrammable

Not to mention that nowadays an Instagrammable café is such a blessing. West Village Café is designed beautifully to bring a bright space look that is good to be photographed. It comes with plenty of natural lighting that is beaming in, made it a perfect spot to take a foodie shot.

Moreover, the coffee art is just supreme. The decoration is also super green and super modern too! Overall, the interior will make a great photo in your Instagram.

West Village Café
West Village Café

Super friendly staffs wait for you!

This is another essential thing that we should never forget. West Village Café also has super friendly staff that will help you to get the most of your time here. The table service is just great and you can have various menus too.

They also offer plenty of vegan-friendly choices for those who practice the lifestyle or simply search for them. The vegetarian-friendly options include Baked Falafel Wrap and Tumeric Cous Cous and Grapefruit.

The Location is easy-to-find

Then, the location of this café is also super easy for you to stop. The café is located at 160-5620 152 Street in South Surrey. It opens daily from 8am until 8pm. So, you can catch up with the café for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Final words

Then, what are you waiting for? Overall West Village Café is for sure an adorable café in Surrey for you who need an alternative for an Instagrammable spot to hang out with your friends or for a study date. So, call your friend or grab your laptop and go to the West Village Café right away!

A Vegan? Here Are Top Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Surrey


A vegan may sometimes feel humiliated by the fact that it is very difficult to find a vegan-friendly restaurant around. However, if you are in Surrey and need a place that is friendly for a vegetarian, you must be lucky. This is because such Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants offering vegetarian meals in Surrey seems to be increasing by the week.

There are some of the best restaurants and cafes that are recommended for a vegetarian in Surrey. So, let’s check the quick reviews of these several restaurants below!

#1 Beano, Guildford

Even though this restaurant is getting more popular nowadays, The Beano restaurant remains to be a hidden treasure even for those who are living and working in Guildford, Surrey. This restaurant only opens for lunch at the Guildford Institute. The menus that are offered here will be a heaven-like for every vegetarian.


#2 Bronte’s Café, Cobham

You may have ever seen the popular Bronte’s Breakfast Bowl floating around in your Instagram. Regardless the Instagram sensation, Bronte’s Café actually offers a highly healthy way to begin your day with a bowl full of fresh berries, coconut yogurt, honey and gluten-free granola.

It is delicious and more importantly healthy. You can also find a variety of artisan organic coffees here. It’s no doubt that this cafe can be a heaven for a vegetarian too!

Bronte’s Café, Cobham
Bronte’s Café, Cobham

#3 Crazy Bean, Great Bookham

This is another great place for a vegan! Crazy Bean is a kind of fully vegan café that is run by a classically skilled head chef. The café explores classic flavor by using vegan ingredients. One of the signature dishes that are offered by this café is ‘sausage’ wellington (which is made of beans).

The Crazy Bean’s foodie appeals are not limited to those who have decided to live the lifestyle of vegan. It can be an interesting place to find a healthy meal choice too. For your information, all their veggies deliver from Layton’s greengrocer in Bookham.

Crazy Bean, Great Bookham
Crazy Bean, Great Bookham

#4 The Juice Smith, Cobham

The Juice Smith is just another Instagram sensation. You may wonder whether it is just a Cobham thing or perhaps it is just a healthy eating pride that makes it a sensation. Originally, this is a result of research into cleansing and juicing.

For you who are seeking for a place to get matcha latte, acai bowl or a chai spiced pudding served with beery compote that open all day, then The Juice Smith can be the right one to be spotted.

The Juice Smith, Cobham
The Juice Smith, Cobham

#5 Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston

Just how it is called, the Riverside Vegetaria serves vegetarian offering. Founded in 1989, this restaurant is built in a magnificent riverside location. It is good to know that the restaurant also practice the community policy of “eat local, buy local and be local”.

That’s all the five best vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes that you shouldn’t miss in Surrey. Now, you don’t need to find it difficult to locate a great vegetarian restaurant in this city. Just check out this list and visit the location on your next eating out!

Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston
Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston